Stressed spelled backwards is...DESSERTS?

Stressed spelled backwards is...DESSERTS?


At least that is what I was told for years and sure enough the desserts where a comfort food, a temporary solution to a deeper problem. Actually, my problems became worse because the more stress, the more desserts, the more weight, the more my immune system would shut down (sugar does that), my blood sugar would spike, and on and on.

Let’s chat a minute about some negative stresses that we can usually do something about ...

1. Running late for an apt – prepare the night before what to wear, make sure the car has gasoline, check traffic, weather, road conditions and leave earlier if needed.

2. Negativity – be careful who you hang out for you will become like them. If they are always complaining and critical, reduce the time or find new friends. Turn off the news! I used to watch the news until I realized how depressed I was getting and none of it was any good.

3. Can’t Find Things – Start organizing your closet, your papers, your cupboards, your life. If you need help there are professionals out there who can help.

4. People – I agree, some are more challenging to love than others. I am learning that if I look a little deeper into why they act the way they do then I can find some pain or difficulty that they have or are experiencing and it helps compassion rise to the forefront instead of frustration.

I'm training my mind to look at the many blessings I have rather than the problems. We can learn to look at problems as an opportunity for growth. It's not always easy for me as my mind typically wants to focus on what is not going "right". Most of my life I seemed to be around negative people or I myself was negative. I am determined to renew my thinking patterns. That's one of the many things I love about my husband, he sees the good in situations (and sees the good in me :).  He is such a positive person who conveys "everything is gonna be alright" even if at the moment it doesn't look that way in the natural. That's what I call

walking by faith - when we believe God, His Word & His promises MORE than our circumstances, the news, or our fears.

Hang around optimistic people who will encourage you to see the glass ½ full rather than ½ empty.

In summary, let me encourage you to find out what is stressing you, if it's something you can do something about (as mentioned above) do what needs to be done and embrace the learning process. If not, give it to the Lord who loves you in a HUGE unconditional way and watch Him turn things around on your behalf. 

"Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you." I Peter 5:7

 What are some other ways you deal with stress in your life? Please share (we all have the need to improve in this area).

Be blessed, not stressed! :)

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