“Nutritional coaching from Bejé has been life changing!!  

After years of eating poorly and not taking care of myself, I left our first session feeling encouraged, empowered, motivated, and hopeful. I had developed so many unhealthy eating habits and cravings through the years that I didn't think I could ever change.  Bejé helped me realize that I was depriving my body of healthy nutrients and showed me step by step plan on how to prepare, and eat healthy, healing, satisfying foods. 

Her personalized coaching and weekly sessions kept me accountable and motivated to reach my goals. In addition to her expertise, Bejé is an excellent role model who lives the message of health and wellness. This is a ministry to her, not just a job.  

I will forever be grateful for the time she has invested in me and the healthy lifestyle I now enjoy!”

Lisa M

“I was having a lot of pain in my joints, respiratory illnesses and digestion problems when I approached Bejé about her services as a certified nutrition coach.

We met and began the process of assessing my needs and she designed a comprehensive plan for me to get on the road to better health.  I was able to see quick results from changes to my diet and adding some supplements. I lost 10 pounds during the weeks I met with her and was eating well but differently.  I experienced increased energy and much less pain within 7 days. I began to see remarkable improvement without allergy triggered asthma attacks and sickness I had experienced frequently in the past.  I had no idea that getting my digestive system in better health would affect so many other areas of my health, but it did! We even went grocery shopping to educate me on food labeling, organic produce, meats and so much more.

It is an ongoing process (for me) replacing bad habits with new good ones, but very well worth the effort in terms of your quality of life.

I highly recommend Bejé’s services to anyone! “

Cathe S

“During my sessions with Bejé, she helped me spiritually and mentally to transform my way of thinking and in return it transformed my physical results. Her encouragement helped me to strived to do better and to achieve my personal goals.

I encourage anyone looking for a TRUE professional who cares about your individual needs to contact Bejé and sign up for her Nutritional Coaching Program!”

T 2019