BE WARNED: Terrorists Have Found a Way into the Health of the Human Body!

BE WARNED: Terrorists Have Found a Way into the Health of the Human Body!

It's an all-out war and the attack is on you and your loved ones!!

You must actively set up a line of defense to stop the enemy from attacking and taking you out before your time!


The terrorists have found an open gate into your body and their object is to attack all your organs and tissues bringing you down and eliminating you prematurely from the face of the earth. 

The biological terrorists I'm describing here are called "free radicals". They are highly reactive and too many of them are causing devastation and destruction within our bodies. Free radicals are unpaired electrons ripping through tissues and causing damage to cell membranes and to our DNA.  If not stopped quickly they can cause a dangerous chain reaction where enormous destruction is done.

Experts tell us that over half of degenerative diseases including heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, and Alzheimer's are caused by free radical damage also known as “oxidative stress” which also causes dry skin, wrinkles, age spots and so on.

Some free radicals are a result of normal metabolic function (like breathing) but others are caused by:

  • Cigarette smoke - just one puff creates 100 trillion free radical molecules and has 4,700 different chemicals. Think about that! Why pay $$$ for something that’s destroying you? Use your wealth to improve your health!!

  • Stress - learn ways to lessen the "bad" stress. Practice forgiveness & thankfulness.

  • Harmful Foods - (refined sugar, white flour, hydrogenated oils, trans fats & food additives).


It's imperative, we need to stop supplying ammunition to the bad guys by quitting smoking, eliminating harmful foods and dealing with stress. Be sure to get in your daily exercise too.

Warning signs you may have too many free radicals burning up your health:


  • Chronic, low grade aches and pains

  • Fatigue

  • Constipation

  • Headaches

  • Difficulty concentrating (brain fog)

  • Excess weight

  • Carbohydrate cravings

  • Gum disease

  • Loss of energy

What’s the strategy???

There's  "secret" weapons to incorporate against free radicals and those are ANTIOXIDANTS (okay, it's no secret but some people just don't know :). These are the “good guys” who go around disarming & stopping the free radicals “those bad boyz” in their tracks.

Where do we get these weapons???

How much and where do we get antioxidants to cool the raging fires of free radicals? 12-14 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables a day is ideal. This is difficult as most of the food we purchase is already days old. Why not grow your own garden (watch “Back To Eden” film for inspiration) or purchase fruits and veggies from the local co-op or farmers market.  

It’s challenging to get a variety every day. Who has the time to shop and prepare that many servings on a daily basis? Seriously, think about supplementing the diet with antioxidant nutrients while incorporating better eating habits.

Get on the defense and “Rid the Rad’s”. We lose out when snooze out & do nothing.

If you have any of the warning signs above, contact me for a free health assessment so we can get your antioxidant levels up and get you on the winning side! 


You were designed to be healthy and win in life!!

 How many servings of fruits and vegetables do you eat everyday? Which are your FAV’s?


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