Cure for the Common Cold & 8 Health Tips

Cure for the Common Cold & 8 Health Tips

It seems to be that time of year when people are getting sick, sick, sick.

Up till recently, I did like everyone else and got OTC (over the counter) cold and flu medications to help combat the sickness. The quicker I could deal with those nasty and uncomfortable symptoms, the better!

What I have since learned is that there is something (an irritant) that is wanting to GET OUT and we end up keeping it in us with all the medications we take. It might be similar to having a rat in your house and instead of opening up the doors and chasing it OUT the door, you close all the doors and end up keeping it IN!

The symptoms of the common cold is actually the body’s way of getting rid of the irritation. It’s the body’s way of chasing the irritant OUT one of the doors of your body. When we try to relieve or suppress the symptoms with drugs it only prolongs the suffering and keeps that irritant trapped inside. 

For example, antihistamines double the duration of the cold. The reason this happens is because the sneezing, coughing, runny nose, fever, etc. is the body’s way of trying to heal itself. There’s the answer. THE COLD IS THE CURE! Who would have thunk it!!

As I learned in The Fundamentals of Natural Healing by Steven Horne, RH (AGH), if illnesses were addressed in the beginning stages, nearly all acute illnesses could be gone in less than 24 hrs. What we want to do is to work with the body and speed up the process rather than suppress the symptoms.

God created our body to heal itself if we will just take care of it and help it along. Isn't that just like our God? He’s so AWESOME!!

Samuel Thomson said it correctly when he said “The same thing that will prevent disease, will cure it.” Some of these things include:

  1. Adequate rest
  2. Proper nourishment (our bodies aren't junk and they can’t THRIVE on junk)
  3. Pure water
  4. Fresh Air
  5. Proper Elimination
  6. Exercise
  7. Touch (20 second hugs are healing, massages are marvelous!)
  8. Positive Mental Attitudes (think and say what the Word of God says, it’s powerful!!)


Just about any tissue will heal if followed by the ABC’s. Activate, Build, Cleanse.

Activate – which is nervous stimulation to the tissues ( and I don't mean Kleenex "tissues" either. Smile.) This might include aromatic (peppermint or wintergreen) or pungent herbal (cayenne or ginger) remedies. These herbs stimulate the flow of blood and lymph, which helps bring oxygen and nutrients to inflamed tissues, while increasing the drainage of waste materials at the same time. These herbs also have a bit of infection fighting abilities.

So, gather the herbs and get those sinuses draining at the first sign of a cold so that the irritants that are causing the disease will be expelled quicker. Once the irritant is removed the symptoms will stop. 

Build – a good blood supply with quality nutrition after the disease has passed. (While acutely ill it is best to fast or at least semi-fast with fruits.) When better, gradually incorporate whole foods in a balance of protein, carbs and fats to help build your body to a healthy state again.

Cleanse – means good lymphatic drainage. Help the body do what it’s trying to do…eliminate whatever is clogging it up. The colon is one of the body’s primary systems that gets clogged. This might mean elimination through an enema or herbal laxative or taking a sweat bath. Always drink lots of water. You could also do a lymphatic drainage massage along with using herbs to help relieve lymphatic congestion.

Now that you know your ABC’s – you'll be able to come outside and play with me! (It rhymed, what can I say?)

Hope you will give your body a chance to heal naturally and remove the toxins or irritants instead of trapping them inside your body. If a new cough, runny nose or fever comes around I'll let my body do it's work and won't be stopping it with OTC drugs, how about you?  Do you think you could allow your body to do the work of getting rid of the irritant without suppressing it with medications? Have you ever heard this kind of information before now? 

If you need some quality herbal supplements, please reach out to me and together we can get you to feeling your very best!



Stressed spelled backwards is...DESSERTS?

Stressed spelled backwards is...DESSERTS?