Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach & Herbal Consultant

Bejé Jones is passionate about educating & helping others not only in areas of weight-loss but also in all areas of health (body, mind & spirit). Bejé believes we are each a spirit being, we live in a body, and we have a mind which includes our will and emotions. Therefore, it makes sense to address each of these areas at various times in her coaching to bring about balance and health.

She is currently enrolled and working hard to finish her nutrition certification from ITN - Institute of Transformational Nutrition. Her studies include but are not limited to biological, psychological, and spiritual areas of nutrition for each person on an individual basis.

The personalized nutrition she gives to her clients makes her stand out from the rest.

In 2012, she received her Nutrition Certification through Venice Nutrition a comprehensive nutrition and fitness system based on the science of blood sugar stabilization. With this certification she can legally teach and educate others on how to permanently work nutrition, fitness and overall health in their lifestyle.

Bejé also an Herbal Consultant, recently successfully completed "The Fundamentals of Natural Healing" and ”Manager School” by The School of Modern Herbal Medicine.

She doesn't agree that when a person hits their 50’s it’s “over the hill”. In fact, she has proven just the opposite as she has seen her own health and weight turn around making these her best years.

Through her years of health and weight struggles, she has learned some valuable keys that unlock the health that so many people desire. For her it’s a new journey full of hope and promises and she has a goal to take as many as she can along with her to a life a radiant health even as they age.

"I believe many people are leaving earth before their time due to sickness and disease" as she speaks from her heart. "It's not just about surviving, it's about "thriving" in order to be all that God created us to be. After all how much impact can we have on the world around us if we are sickly, weak, diseased and dying before our time?" She has a strong desire to educate and see the body of Christ honor God in their body and live the amazing life He has for them.

Bejé is known for inspiring, coaching and educating people who are searching for answers in all areas of health. She previously has taught monthly health workshops at P.A.T.H. in Tyler, TX. and is continually researching and staying educated so that she has some of the best tips for healthy success to share with others.  

She is happily married to Billy Jones and between them, they have 6 amazing grown kids and 7 delightful grandkids (to which they call her '“Gigi”). As empty nesters, they enjoy their 14 year old Yorkie who is always close by. Bejé and her husband are very active in one of the best churches in East Texas and Bejé helps co-lead a women’s Bible Study group as well as leads her own Daniel Plan Bible Study group for women in the church that want to honor God in their bodies.

Reach out to Bejé so she can guide you into that unique “personalized” and radiant healthy lifestyle you’ve been searching for AND are most deserving of.

The best days of your life are not behind you, they are ahead of you! Choose the radiant life!!